10 regular daily basis routine to stop by all means

Today we are going to be walking you through 10 regular daily routines things you need to stop at all cost because of their harmful side effects to healthy living.

In this current age (decade) say from 2010 till now, research says people are now by far becoming more careless and ignorant of healthy habits, fitness, healthy living and mental health etc. Although they can be more careful when well enlightened. So we’re joining our voice in this time health revolution to buttress the threats to your health you are possibly ignoring


1. Lack of Exercises

Most of the people don’t want to see this but it’s definitely not one to ignore in a haste because it’s importance to the body in general cannot be ignored or it’s simply impossible to be ignored.

Exercises as defined according to the English dictionary_(countable) Any activity designed to develop or hone a skill or ability.
It is also defined as_ (countable, uncountable) Activity intended to improve physical, or sometimes mental, strength and fitness.
In regular exercising certain illness are fully prevented depending on the nature of the exercises and how often it’s done.

Lack of exercise according to studies could lead to heart diseases even for young people and it can also increase the likelihood of developing other heart relating disease like obesity, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol and type two diabetes etc.

It’s side effects on mental health is another thing to look out as a study says a decrease in exercises increases depression in humans.

2. Eating Late

In some homes around the world today, it’s the daily norm for the Family, they tend to eat late more than half the time.
With Some still believing it’s the right thing to do.
Medical professionals has since debunked the fact that eating late keeps you from getting hungry early the next day. So eating late because you don’t want to get hungry early the next day could be nothing but a myth, coincidentally it turns out be one of the very few reasons people want to eat late apart from the long day at work, busy schedules etc.

Eating late for individuals could lead to higher chances of depression, anxiety and increased blood pressure.

3. Loud Music

Most people tend to ignore the side effects of listening to music on high volumes just as the importance of exercises to the human body. The fact still remains that until symptoms start manifesting on their health as individuals, they still won’t take it serious. This behavior is specially an attribute of the younger generation music lovers, of which many of them still doubts the negative effects of loud music to health to be false which includes,

1. Damaging effects to hearing
2. Head aches
3. Lack of focus (difficultly concentrating) etc.

1. Damaging effects to hearing in this context simply means the process with a time duration when the ears can no longer withstand extremely loud sounds and starts deteriorating.

2. Head aches
Although these are mostly temporary effects of loud music but it’s effects on humans can be quite disturbing at whatever moment it decides to strike an individual, ranging from the pain, the discomfort feeling of yourself and even more difficultly thinking things out.

3. Lack of Focus (difficultly concentrating) is quite self explanatory, when listening to loud music while doing a job might be helpful to some, the possibility of loosing focus and doing things wrongly cannot be totally ruled out even by the best in that given field. In the case of loosing focus you can simply turn off the music.

4. Lack of proper dental health

This one is kind of funny but it’s the truth, that Dental doctors/dentist ( teeth specialist) advise brushing of the teeth twice a day for individuals. Although it’s not a very tasking job but the number of people who actually heed to this advice is quite laughable in real sense.

It’s benefits to health is indeed very important according to dental health professionals
In the words of McCrae (https://www.mccraedental.com.au/importance-of-brushing-the-teeth-twice-a-day/) a professional in dental health I quote
Washing the teeth once daily is a must but washing it twice daily is more beneficial in order to prevent bacteria, for example if we brush our teeth in the morning and don’t brush it again thru out the day, bacteria will build up damaging the enamel of your tooth and weaken gums and roots, allowing decaying to occur, if bad bacteria occurs it can contribute to foul breath.

5. Lack of Proper Hand Sanitizing

The importance of hand Sanitizing was very much ignored till the break out of the pandemic, Covid-19 in 2019 which saw the use of continuous hand washing with soap and sanitizing with alcohol based hand sanitizers.

Lack of proper hand sanitizing can increase intake of dirt and bacteria into the human body which could result in illness.
The benefits of sanitizing is a simple one, increased protection from intake of dirt’s and bacteria from the hands into the eyes, nose, mouth etc.

6. Eating too fast

According to a study conducted in 2018, eating too fast had a couple of negative underlying effects ( side effects) to the human body. Eating too fast in bracket could cause obesity, lower body fat etc.

Leisurely eating is better for your health, especially when it comes to digestion, weight and nutrition. When you eat too fast, you swallow more air, which can cause bloating and gas. Slowing down to properly chew your food helps to break down larger particles of food into smaller ones, aiding digestion.

7. Talking while Eating

Although it’s fully labeled as bad table manners when eating, that could result to choking of the individual involved, but it’s yet to be totally ruled out.

Why is that, you may ask? It is that way because people now find it cool and are okay with it, yeah I mean it when I say so, the movies they watch promotes it, written books they read and social events as well find it okay.
Which is not supposed to be so, since it’s not the right thing to do.

Talking while chewing can cause your food to go in your wind pipe. This can result in coughing and choking.

8. Sleeping immediately after a meal

Lots of people do this but me, I don’t know why since I’m not a certified medical practitioner I won’t say much on it but whenever or by any chance I try it I get seriously hungry early the next day, say 6.00am to 7.00am.

9. Smoking in public places

Neglecting that.
Research says the human body needs up to 3hrs to break down food after consumption and sleeping before that time duration after a meal is subjecting the kidney to extra work digesting the food.

More and more people are now into drug usage than before and even worse are comfortable using them in public, this behavior encourages more young people into the use of drugs which is totally not advisable.
Smoking on daily basis in it self is bad for ones health and not great way to go about living life because it’s damaging effects on the internal organs of the human body cannot be ignored.

10. Sharing nude pictures and videos online

It’s gradually becoming a norm today since it’s no longer a new thing.
But the fact that those pictures and videos can actually be used in blackmailing them and as well portray them in bad light in the society since it encourages other young people that it’s okay during them it’s enough reason to give it a rethink.

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Health is wealth


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